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FROM THE DESK OF: Matthew Neer & Travis Stephenson
DATE: Thursday, December 31, 2015
Hi, my name is Matthew Neer.

My partner Travis Stephenson and I would like to show you EXACTLY how we have been able to generate extraordinary results online, and how you can too!

If you're still struggling to create success online, it's not your fault.

Making money online is easy when you have exactly what you need to do it.

You know making millions online is possible, you already have an offer you want to promote, and you know that building a list is a freaking goldmine but...
Sound familiar?

You have tried virtually everything you could possibly imagine to get traffic, you have bought dozens, maybe even several dozen products about generating traffic online, but none of them worked, or they required a small fortune in advertising.

You have your affiliate offers ready to go, and you know that if you could just get traffic to them, the RIGHT traffic, HIGH QUALITY traffic, that you would make easy money.

The problem was that you are unable to GET TRAFFIC to your affiliate offers. 
I got invited to a top secret Internet Marketing event where hundreds of underground dot com multimillionaires flock to Las Vegas to network and exchange the secrets of their success over copious amounts of Grey Goose Vodka.

I managed to get invited to the penthouse suite of one millionaire guru in particular. There, is where I met Travis, on the balcony of the Cosmopolitan. 

While we were smoking cigars and overlooking the Vegas strip, the 3 of us chatted about marketing and how to get OTHER PEOPLE to send us traffic, virtually for free!

Here is the #1 traffic secret you've been looking for...
It was then that Travis told me something I'd never thought of before... 

He said... "Why would you pay for traffic when you can get other people to do it for you, FOR FREE?! I get over 100,000 clicks a week, and I pay virtually nothing for them."

I never forgot what he said that day...

Fast forward awhile, and I just finished launching a #1 best selling WSO, Travis reached out to show me what he has been up to... 
"Hijack Any Website & Display Your Opt In Form On Top."
Travis claimed that he is able to find any piece of content online, from any website, and TAKE IT OVER, put his optin popup ad over it, and use it to go viral on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Reddit and more...

Watch as Travis sets up a brand new viral campaign in seconds...
He couldn't possibly be able to do that, right? 

But what if he could?


So I challenged Travis to prove that his software REALLY DOES what he claims. We launched a brand new viral traffic campaign and sure enough, it erupted into a storm of viral traffic, uncontrollable email subscribers and insane commissions!
100,000 clicks for less than $0.01 Per
I want you to just stop and imagine for a moment... What would you do with over 100,000 red hot buyers rushing towards your webpage? Your email optin form? Your affiliate link? 
We Built A Giant Email Subscriber List
I would turn those visitors into email list subscribers and build a huge list so I can market to them over and over again. And that's exactly what we did!
Now Look At My Commissions
Then, after I capture thousands of email address, building my list into the stratosphere, I send out an affiliate promotion and my commissions EXPLODE!
...or commissions like this in another one of my accounts.
Check Out Some of Travis' Results!
Chris is one of our earliest members, you absolutely have to read what he has to say about our product and our training. I think he's in love! lol
"You guys really are handing us FREE MONEY..."
Introducing for the first time...
Here's What You Get Today
Viral Traffic Training & Software - Instant access to the Viral Traffic Hack System top secret traffic generation methods and strategies revealed inside the members area. Plus a free trial account with our Viral Traffic Hack software. 
Exit Traffic Control - Did you know that most visitors will hit your website and leave, never to return again? With exit traffic control, you can capture a minimum of 20% of those visitors into leads.
Mobile Traffic Control - Over 50% of all web traffic is mobile. If you are not optimizing your campaigns for mobile traffic, you are probably losing a fortune. Identify & control where you mobile traffic goes.
Results Based Training - You'll get to watch over our shoulders as we drive over 100,000 clicks to our offers and campaigns. You will get to see inside these campaigns and duplicate them for yourself.
Follow These 4 Easy Steps, Go Viral, Build A Huge List, And Start Generating Commissions!
Step #1. Identify Viral Website & Hijack
Find any piece of content, on any website, in any niche, grab the link to it, and add it to our software to take over that website in a matter of seconds...
Step #2. Add Your Optin Popup Ad 
Import the link to your viral content to our software system and add your email optin popup ad over the top of that content, and get ready to build your email list at rapid speed!
Step #3. Deploy & Go VIRAL!
Follow our in depth viral traffic training videos inside the members area and set your campaigns on fire! You'll get to watch as we drive over 100,000 clicks to our offers all caught on camera. 
Step #4. Generate A Flood Of Fresh Traffic And Email Subscribers
As your campaign goes viral across the web, people will naturally find it & share it, creating an organic stream of free traffic, all driving back to your email optin popup ad. 
Then Watch Your Commissions Go Crazy!
You Have Absolutely ZERO Risk
Get Instant Access To Viral Traffic Hack Now
Yes Matthew! I want to get access your revolutionary software system today and receive your top notch results based training
  • Instant access to the Viral Traffic Hack System (even if its 2am)
  • Download our Viral Traffic Training & watch us drive over 100,000 clicks 
  • Access our DFY viral niche blueprint. Steal our ready made campaigns.
  • FREE Trial Access To Our Exclusive InterOptin software suite.

ZERO To 50K Fans Viral Case Study
You'll get to watch over my shoulder as to exactly how I take 2 Facebook fanpages viral. One grew to 30K fans, and the other grew to 50K fans in under 30 days. And you will witness how we monetized these pages in different ways from list building, to selling tee shirts, to making commissions with affiliate marketing.
Scientific Viral Marketing Methods
What's crazy is that there are so many untapped niches online that we dont even have time to attack them all, which leaves them WIDE OPEN for you. That's one of the coolest things you'll find here, we create the entire campaigns for you, but instead of us dominating them, we give them to you.
$100K LIVE Webinar
You'll learn The PROVEN secret to making money online in 24-48 hours even if you have no prior experience. (And I'll show you how to set all of this up, in 10 minutes or less, using nothing but 100% FREE tools.) You'll see how to explode your online income up to 395% using a simple system that's proven to work time and time again.
This is the very first time this offer has seen the marketplace, and because WE WILL be releasing it at a higher price, and under a different name in the future, this is your ONE chance to get in on this at a laughably low price.

Really, just take a moment and think about EXACTLY what you are getting here on this page today and how you will benefit greatly from it. I honestly do not know how anyone could abandon this offer if you made it this far. Decide, and take action now, or leave. 

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